Investment Raritäten

Investment Raritäten

These are Maximilians personal favorites. As special timepieces they were very, very difficult to aquire (we are talking years, not months) and are therefore sold premium priced. These "investment grade" watches wont get cheaper over time. In fact, prices are galopping away for such models as they were produced in limited numbers only and will never be re-produced again. So its very unlikely that the market will ever be "flooded" with them. Please compare with Sotheby's and Christie's auction results. We are working hard to "catch them all", giving our very best each and every day and are in no rush to sell.

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Sauseltener Vintage Heuer Eindrücker Chronograph

Artikel-Nr.: a816
2.200,00 € *

Superseltene Omega Christopherus St. Christopher

Artikel-Nr.: g1095
7.800,00 € *

Neu Superseltene Audemars Piaget in PLATIN ultraslim

Artikel-Nr.: a1276
4.850,00 € *
Inklusive aller Abgaben und Steuern. (Differenzbesteuerung nach § 24 Umsatzsteuergesetz)